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FAQ - Frequently asked questions
You find answers to the usually-posed questions of our customers in this list of the FAQ "Frequently asked questions":
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Please send us your inquiry, we will try to answer your question as quickly as possible.

Some features such as 'view prices' are available to registered customers only due to technical reasons. No.1 Machine Market registration is of course free of charge through confirmed opt-in. You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your registration. Please provide a valid e-mail address.

General questions

How current is the range of products offered on No.1 Machine Market?

All information on the No.1 website is routinely updated! Please check the time stamp in the upper left hand corner of the website for last update.

How can I register for No.1 Machine Market website?

Simply click on 'New User Account' and create your personal user account to take advantage of features such as 'view price'.

What happens if I forget my password?

Each login features a link called 'forgot password' where you can enter your e-mail address. Your password will then be sent to you.

Questions about the machines

How can I view the price of my desired machine?

If you found a machine in our range that you are interested in click on the button 'view price'. If you are not logged in or if you are not registered yet a new window will prompt 'create new user account'. Here you can either log into your existing account or register respectively. (How to register for No.1 Machine Market website?)

How can I view prices of more than one machine at a glance?

Use function 'instant price list'. Fill out the form and you will receive the price list of the selected machines via e-mail. How can I reserve my desired machine? If you found the machine of your choice in our range click on the button 'reserve machine'. Your machine will be reserved for 48 hours. (Subject to advance booking)

How can I buy my desired machine?

If you found the machine of your choice in our range click on the button 'buy online', follow instructions and the desired machine will be yours in no time.

How can I get more detailed information about the machine of my choice?

If you found the machine you desire in our range but want to get more information about it or if you'd like to speak to a sales representative directly please click on the button 'callback service' next to the machine. Please fill out the online form and one of our sales representatives will call you as soon as possible.

I am unable to find the right machine for me, what other options are available?

If you were unable to find the machine you desire in our range you have the option to request a detailed search. Click on 'query request' and fill out the form with your data and specific machine requirements. We will contact you with an appropriate offer according to your request.

Technical questions

Which dissolution should your screen have?

Minimum dissolution 1024x768 pixel. You can control and/or adapt this in the system control of Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000 under "announcement".

What should you consider with the attitudes of your Browsers?

The Browser functions "Java" and "Java Script" must be activated.

What can you do if you have trouble with website display and function?

We test standard browsers (Windows: Mozilla Firefox und Internet Explorer (>7!), Mac: Safari, Mozilla Firefox)in their current versions and standard security settings in order to provide comprehensive functionality. If you experience any problems you can check for standard application of your security settings of your web browser: Instructions for Internet Explorer 7: Part1: Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> button 'Default Level' -> click 'OK' or 'Apply'. Part 2: Tools -> Internet Options -> 'Privacy' -> move slider to 'Medium'-> click 'OK' or 'Apply'.

Which Browsers are recommended to be able to use all functions of the Webside?

Internet Explorer version 8.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 or later as well as current Chrome Safari version.